When People Believe In You!

This past Friday night, we hosted a spaghetti dinner and silent auction, was a night that our family will not soon forget! Our hearts were filled to the brim by close friends, family, neighbors, gym buddies, and strangers. We drove home that night knowing 100% that we are doing something God has called us to do. The support from these people was overwhelming to say the least. A thank you is not enough…but its all we know how to do so…thank you for believing in us, our family, and our hearts! That means more than any $$ ever donated!

thank you

thank you for believing in us!


SNEAK PEEK: Silent Auction Preview (part 3)

Here are a few more of the 70+ items that will be available for purchase this Friday night!
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Full Service – Priceless!
Take the routine out of your next oil change with this FULL SERVICE Package.  Justin will pick your car up and wait while Spradley Barr changes the oil and refills all your fluids.  Before returning your vehicle Justin, who wouldn’t trust this guy with their car, will make sure the inside and outside are dirt free.  Additional details may be negotiated at time of sale and some conditions apply.

Spradley Barr                  Justin Boling

Children’s Redwood Picnic Table – $120 value
Hand built 100% redwood child size picnic table. This table would be a great addition to anyone’s patio and it gives the kids a space to eat without creating an eyesore! This table is finished with a stain to keep the water out and is made with galvanized screws that will not rust. All the screws are hidden on the inside of the table thus all you see is the natural wood. Perfect for ages 5- 12 years old.   2 ft H x 4 ft L x 4.25 ft W

Northern Colorado Woodworking
rom northen colorado woodworking

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see you tomorrow night!

the busy boy

the busy boy

H is our “busy” kid. He is ALL boy and tries to defy gravity by climbing the shelves in the living room until he gets stuck like a cat in a tree. He races back and forth down the long corridor from the front door to the dining room at full speed, only to crash into the wall without stopping. He jumps down the stairs landing on all fours instead of taking them one at a time. He is constantly on the move and rarely sits still.

All that to say, the other night we were all cuddling on the couch before bedtime watching some football (we typically have to corral H into this quiet activity) he then got very quiet and looked very concerned.

H: We need to pray
Me: Ok? (as I give Justin a questioning look)

H: Everybody hold hands (we quickly comply)

Me: What do we need to pray about?

H: Ki (he states matter-of-factly as Justin and I exchange more questioning looks)

Me: Ok, what do we need to pray about for Ki?

H: I don’t know mama, we just need to pray.

So, Justin led our family in a short prayer about Ki, asking that God would be with him, protect him and provide for him until we can bring him home. This must have satisfied H because he shouted “Amen” and pronounced quiet time was over!

We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and working in our family, and it brought tears to my eyes to know that He quietly prompted our busy boy to “Be still and know that I am God,” and to surrender to that prompting.


Quick Update and Plea…

Asking for money has never been a strong suit of ours, but here goes….We are in need of $25,000.00 by April in order to bring K home.  When we started this adventure, we thought we would have 12-18 months to save and fundraise our adoption costs. However, things have been greatly expedited and we will hopefully be traveling in April for our first trip to Uganda! There is a lot of corruption surrounding US adoptions and there is talk that Uganda might stop issuing US visas to waiting children at any time. Here’s a breakdown of our timeline…

1. We wrapped up our Home Study this past week and are waiting for it to be sent off and approved by the US government (this can take 1-2 months)

2. Our dossier (all of the legal paperwork required) is complete and we are mailing it off to our adoption agency this week!

3. Once the above 2 things are complete, we can request a court date in Uganda. Our adoption agency is shooting for a date in April.

4. Once we have a court date, we will make plans to travel to Uganda and get guardianship of Ki! We will have to complete some legal stuff while we are there, but mostly get time to bond with him and get to know him.  Then we will have to leave Ki with some friends in Uganda and return to the States while all of our paperwork is processed and approved.  This can take several weeks if not months and we are not able to stay in-country for the entire process due to our young boys and our job requirements.

5. When everything is approved and processed, we will return to Uganda and bring Ki home! We plan on taking H with us on this second trip and all he talks about is traveling on a big plane to go get his brother.

So there you have it…and this is why we lay awake at night with my head spinning!

Cutting to the chase…we do not have $25,000.00.  We are hoping for a good tax return and are saving every penny we have (the grocery budget has been cut to the bare minimum and we are all learning what it is like to eat rice and beans on a regular basis), but it is still not enough.  We are planning a couple of fundraisers (we will keep you updated on those). We NEED your help.  We NEED money and we don’t have the luxury of time.

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one exhausted family

James 1:27 in the real world

We recently celebrated orphan care weekend at our church, which got me thinking about the mandate God has placed on all believers to “care for widows and orphans in their time of distress.” (James 1:27) I don’t believe that God has placed a calling on all of us to adopt internationally. However, he has instructed us to care “for the least of these.” What does this look like in a practical, every day since? Who are the people who you interact with that are in need of a helping hand, and how can you meet some of these needs? Here is what I have come up with…

Help an elderly neighbor with yard work or shovel their driveway this winter.

Take a meal over to the single Dad who is trying to raise his kids and work full-time down the street.

Offer to help drive the single Mom’s children to school or extra curricular activities (you’re already taking your own kids, so what’s a few more?)

Volunteer as a family at a homeless shelter or collect supplies/donations to drop off.

Organize a clothing drive, backpack drive, or shoe drive this holiday season for at risk kids/teens.

Pick up Starbucks and visit your neighbor that just had a baby and is overwhelmed with this first time parenting thing and just listen or offer to let her take a nap while you get some cuddle time with the new one.

Get registered and volunteer to provide respite care to a foster family who has special needs children and could desperately use a night out, or just a trip to the grocery store by themselves.

Contact your local church and ask what needs they have…maybe it’s certain items for the food pantry, or needing mentors for kids/teens/young adults, or needing volunteers to deliver meals to shut-ins.

This list is certainly not exhaustive and there is something that every single one of us can do to help others. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, consider donating financially to something that you are passionate about. If you have administrative skills, ask your church where they can use your help.

Remember, James 1:27 is a MANDATE from God. It is not just a mere suggestion…so lets get going and help “the least of these.”


So how much is it really?

One of the first questions we get asked is how much does it cost to adopt and where does the money go. International Adoption is not cheap, in fact it is extremely expensive, and it’s not something that you can just charge to a credit card and pay off down the road (yes, I checked into this as an option). There are many steps to complete and fees that are due up front before moving on to the next step. Below is a breakdown of the costs and where the money goes. Some of these costs are estimates because there are variables in place that are beyond human control, ie length of stay in Uganda, travel expenses and lodging for a nanny and our boys if we need to take them, more than 1 trip to Uganda and etc… We want to be transparent and honest about our financial need for this adoption.

Pre-Adoption Expenses
Application Fee to Across the World Adoptions $250.00
Agency Fee (includes dossier prep, licensing, communications) $8,000.00
Colorado Department of Human Services Fee $33.00
Home Study $1,700.00
Parenting Classes $350.00
Approval from Larimer County/Colorado State $170.00
CIS (US approval) $890.00
Background checks and Fingerprinting $300.00
Documents, notarizations, certifications, authentication $600.00
Medical Exams/reviews $300.00
Inter-Country Adoption Fees
Foreign Agency Fee $8,750.00
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children $500.00
Travel Expenses
Parents’ passports and Uganda entry visas $320.00
Round-trip airfare for 2 adults $4,000.00
In-country travel: car, driver, fuel $2,650.00
Child’s airfare, 1 way $800.00
In-Country Costs
Child’s US Visa $230.00
Child’s medical exam for US Embassy $200.00
Food & Lodging (about $125/day for about 5 weeks) $4,375.00
Post-Adoption Costs
Post-placement (4 visits and court report to finalize in CO) $1,550.00
Certificate of US Citizenship $550.00
Sibling Adoption
Adopting a biological sibling at same time (program fee) $6,500.00
Total Estimated Adoption Costs $43,018.00

In my head, these numbers are way out of my league and nothing that we can obtain on our own. Fortunately, we serve a God who created the Universe and we are not only trusting Him for these adoption costs but also for our daily provisions (easier said then done).