OK…so this is not the good news you may be thinking but we had two very encouraging things happen over the last week.

1. We just got our last “pending” approval from the powers that be. What this means is our finger print check via the US government was cleared and they have confirmed that we are who we say we are and that there are no red flags in our current or past history. This would have held up our return trip with K if an issue was to be found.

facebook stalking success

2. Through fellow adoption groups and my Facebook stalking skillz…we found the website and Facebook page for K’s orphanage! First off…for them to have a website and Facebook page is off the charts unreal! We did not find any pictures of K, but being able to see where he is living right now is a huge relief! Many of the below items are nothing like what we are being told in our adoption classes, as they, for good reason, prepare you for the worst. We feel grateful and blessed that he is being cared for in this type of environment. Here are a few facts we learned about the orphanage:

  • It was established and the building was built in 2013.
  • Currently, it is home to 17 children, and will only ever house 30.
  • It has a Christian foundation and funding.
  • It appears as though all children are well feed and in good health. (very plump…for lack of a better phrase)

Thanks for all of your prayers, support, questions on updates of our status, and for the continued financial support. We still have 1 more adoption agency payment, and are beginning to plan financially to live in Uganda and pay our bills here while we are gone. We will post more details around that soon.

much love


Vulnerability and Stewardship


Hey Friends,

This whole asking for money thing is really difficult and it becomes a little messy. We want to be completely honest with you about our finances and our need for this adoption, and we want to be held accountable for the way we steward our finances and the donations we have received. We have experienced what we like to call “adoption guilt” which is where we question every purchase we make because we feel guilty that the money could be going toward Ki instead of the coffee date that we had or the movie that we rented or the extra chocolate chip cookies at the grocery store.

Please know first of all that all of the donations we have received have gone directly to adoption expenses. We have been diligent to keep accurate records of incoming donations and outgoing adoption expenses. These expenses include agency fees, document fees, physical exams and travel vaccines.  Our total adoption costs are about $38,000.00 and we have paid $16,600.00 of this with $8,000.00 being from fundraising and donations.  We are budgeting and setting aside money every month to put towards future costs, as well as our tax return and profit-sharing from our employers, and we are applying for multiple grants to help cover our costs.

As many of you know, my dad passed away a couple of months ago and as a result my mom has moved in with us. She is currently occupying one of the kids bedrooms upstairs in our home, but we are planning to finish our basement so she can have her own living quarters. She has graciously offered to pay for the entire remodel.  None of your donations will be used to complete our basement (this is that whole vulnerability part, as I know some might question where this money is coming from).

Finally, just a short update on where we are in the process…WAITING! Yep that about sums it up. We are still waiting for a court date and are hoping to have one sometime in May. We have decided to take 1 trip and stay the entire time in country as a family to allow bonding time with Ki. If timing works out, then my mom will travel with us and help with the boys in Uganda.

Thanks for letting me be real and raw here and as always, thanks for your prayers and support. This is a long and hard journey, but worth every struggle, tear, and heartache to bring Ki home.



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When People Believe In You!

This past Friday night, we hosted a spaghetti dinner and silent auction, was a night that our family will not soon forget! Our hearts were filled to the brim by close friends, family, neighbors, gym buddies, and strangers. We drove home that night knowing 100% that we are doing something God has called us to do. The support from these people was overwhelming to say the least. A thank you is not enough…but its all we know how to do so…thank you for believing in us, our family, and our hearts! That means more than any $$ ever donated!

thank you

thank you for believing in us!

SNEAK PEEK: Silent Auction Preview (part 3)

Here are a few more of the 70+ items that will be available for purchase this Friday night!
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Full Service – Priceless!
Take the routine out of your next oil change with this FULL SERVICE Package.  Justin will pick your car up and wait while Spradley Barr changes the oil and refills all your fluids.  Before returning your vehicle Justin, who wouldn’t trust this guy with their car, will make sure the inside and outside are dirt free.  Additional details may be negotiated at time of sale and some conditions apply.

Spradley Barr                  Justin Boling

Children’s Redwood Picnic Table – $120 value
Hand built 100% redwood child size picnic table. This table would be a great addition to anyone’s patio and it gives the kids a space to eat without creating an eyesore! This table is finished with a stain to keep the water out and is made with galvanized screws that will not rust. All the screws are hidden on the inside of the table thus all you see is the natural wood. Perfect for ages 5- 12 years old.   2 ft H x 4 ft L x 4.25 ft W

Northern Colorado Woodworking
rom northen colorado woodworking

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see you tomorrow night!

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the busy boy

the busy boy

H is our “busy” kid. He is ALL boy and tries to defy gravity by climbing the shelves in the living room until he gets stuck like a cat in a tree. He races back and forth down the long corridor from the front door to the dining room at full speed, only to crash into the wall without stopping. He jumps down the stairs landing on all fours instead of taking them one at a time. He is constantly on the move and rarely sits still.

All that to say, the other night we were all cuddling on the couch before bedtime watching some football (we typically have to corral H into this quiet activity) he then got very quiet and looked very concerned.

H: We need to pray
Me: Ok? (as I give Justin a questioning look)

H: Everybody hold hands (we quickly comply)

Me: What do we need to pray about?

H: Ki (he states matter-of-factly as Justin and I exchange more questioning looks)

Me: Ok, what do we need to pray about for Ki?

H: I don’t know mama, we just need to pray.

So, Justin led our family in a short prayer about Ki, asking that God would be with him, protect him and provide for him until we can bring him home. This must have satisfied H because he shouted “Amen” and pronounced quiet time was over!

We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and working in our family, and it brought tears to my eyes to know that He quietly prompted our busy boy to “Be still and know that I am God,” and to surrender to that prompting.