“Thank You!” – Ella Jo

Happy Thursday Everyone!

We just wanted to say thank you!!!!! It’s literally the only words our family can find when we think about all of the baby girl items, prayers, and money we have received from so many!

14907229_10210763368622185_4742624357822456517_nQUICK UPDATE:
Ella Jo is home and doing great! She is sleep amazingly, eating well, and yes we forgot how very stinky baby diapers are! Ella has the best entertainment in the world three older brothers. Additionally, these three boys have surprised us and have become the most caring, protective, and loving boys ever! Her very first birthday is this coming Tuesday (11/15)!!!!! So exciting!

Lastly…we are having a Welcome Home party this Sunday, details here, we’d love for you to stop by as you all had a part in this journey. This celebration is just as much a celebration of you and a small way to thank you for your heart in helping us bring Ella home as it is to celebrate our daughter being home. We will have a large African Market set-up during this time with many great Christmas gifts ready for purchase. If you live out of town we will miss you and if you have any questions, or would still like to donate please email us at thebolingproject@gmail.com!

Much Love.
– jb, e, h, k, g, ej, nana


Meeting Baby Girl.

We drove 7 hours along bumpy roads with no air conditioning in the van. We passed town after town that started to all look the same. Shanties along the road with goods to sell and “bota bota’s” (motorcycles) weaving in and out of traffic.  Then we began to see the luscious hills, farms with crops ripe for the picking, and cows and goats grazing along the road.  “Are we there yet?” Ki asked in anticipation as he sat on Justin’s lap in the front seat.  The sun began to make its decent from the sky and I began to wonder if we would make it in time to meet our baby girl before bedtime or if we would have to wait until morning…ugh another 12 hours seemed like an eternity.

When we turned into her orphanage, I was taken aback.  Memories from Ki’s orphanage flooded my mind, but this was Baby Girldifferent.  There were multiple buildings that were well kept and grass for the kids to play in.  There were gardens of vegetables and banana trees being tended to, and then around the corner 12 little toddlers came running to greet us being lead by three “mamas.” The children were genuinely happy and healthy.  It was evident that the “mamas” cared deeply for these children and they were loved.

After tons of hugs, kisses, tickles, and hand holding we were lead into the main house to meet with the head of the orphanage.  This beautiful woman with kindness in her eyes took my hand and kissed my cheek and thanked me for coming.  She said it was almost bedtime but she would be honored to get our daughter for a few minutes since we drove such a long way.

I sat on a chair in the entry and folded my hands in my lap to stop the shaking and I bowed my head and prayed.  “God this is really it!  I’m really going to meet her in a few moments, this precious child that you have chosen me to raise.” The woman opened the door and handed me the lightest bundle of baby and blanket.  Baby girl reached her hand out and wrapped her tiny fingers around mine and gently touched my face with her other hand.  Tears poured down my face as I just stared at her in awe.  I was speechless.  She was absolute perfection.  Her big brown eyes searched my face and she snuggled into my chest.  She placed her middle two fingers from her left hand into her mouth and started to suck them.  I was startled out of this moment when the woman asked, “Would you be able to pick her out of all the other babies we have here?” My response was barely audible, “I would know her anywhere.”

Justin and Ki were by my side, but I was completely oblivious to their presence, until Justin leaned down and kissed her forehead.  After a few minutes, baby girl started to yawn and rub her eyes indicating she was ready for bed.  Ki gently stroked her face and sang to her “Baby Jesus” a song that he sang everyday in his orphanage.  Then the woman took her from me with promises that we would see her in the morning.

My heart was full but heavy…this connection that we had as mama and baby was so strong even though I didn’t carry her for the last 9 months.  Somehow she was a part of me and I was a part of her. I went to bed with a pressure on my chest, the weight of a tiny baby resting on me and I thanked my God for this journey.

– elaina

The Reality of Adoption….

So many people have said, “Oh he’s so lucky to be adopted and have a family.” I want to clear up a misconception about adoption….There is nothing lucky about a child losing his birth family, his culture, his homeland, and even caregivers and friends he’s made along the way at various orphanages. Our son has suffered more loss at the age of 3 than I have in my 31 years on this earth.

Yes, he is blessed to have a forever family. He is blessed to have a roof over his head and food on the table. He is blessed to have access to good healthcare, education, and opportunities for a future. But he is not lucky.

At the orphanage, Ki had 7 different “Mama’s” caring for him and 21 brothers and sisters to play with and help care for. He had a routine and rarely left the compound the orphanage was on. Now Ki is living with “Mazungo” (white) parents and is sandwiched between two brothers who are constantly fighting with him for attention. He is eating food he’s never tasted before and living in a new environment. He has different clothes and toys and books to choose from everyday. We are constantly going places and meeting new people and traveling in “Motor cars” which is just mind-blowing for him.

Yup Got A Tattoo
*no Boling was tattooed during this trip.

The reality of adoption is it is hard. It is exhausting, it is financially draining, it is challenging to our marriage, it is taking all of us out of our comfort zone, the boys are struggling with accepting their new brother and our lives have been turned upside down….but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

When Ki lays his head on my shoulder and whispers “Mama love you” as we cuddle before bed, I know that everything is going to be ok. I know that God has adopted us to be His sons and daughters and He will walk this difficult road with us.

– e

Vulnerability and Stewardship


Hey Friends,

This whole asking for money thing is really difficult and it becomes a little messy. We want to be completely honest with you about our finances and our need for this adoption, and we want to be held accountable for the way we steward our finances and the donations we have received. We have experienced what we like to call “adoption guilt” which is where we question every purchase we make because we feel guilty that the money could be going toward Ki instead of the coffee date that we had or the movie that we rented or the extra chocolate chip cookies at the grocery store.

Please know first of all that all of the donations we have received have gone directly to adoption expenses. We have been diligent to keep accurate records of incoming donations and outgoing adoption expenses. These expenses include agency fees, document fees, physical exams and travel vaccines.  Our total adoption costs are about $38,000.00 and we have paid $16,600.00 of this with $8,000.00 being from fundraising and donations.  We are budgeting and setting aside money every month to put towards future costs, as well as our tax return and profit-sharing from our employers, and we are applying for multiple grants to help cover our costs.

As many of you know, my dad passed away a couple of months ago and as a result my mom has moved in with us. She is currently occupying one of the kids bedrooms upstairs in our home, but we are planning to finish our basement so she can have her own living quarters. She has graciously offered to pay for the entire remodel.  None of your donations will be used to complete our basement (this is that whole vulnerability part, as I know some might question where this money is coming from).

Finally, just a short update on where we are in the process…WAITING! Yep that about sums it up. We are still waiting for a court date and are hoping to have one sometime in May. We have decided to take 1 trip and stay the entire time in country as a family to allow bonding time with Ki. If timing works out, then my mom will travel with us and help with the boys in Uganda.

Thanks for letting me be real and raw here and as always, thanks for your prayers and support. This is a long and hard journey, but worth every struggle, tear, and heartache to bring Ki home.



SNEAK PEEK: Silent Auction Preview (part 3)

Here are a few more of the 70+ items that will be available for purchase this Friday night!
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Full Service – Priceless!
Take the routine out of your next oil change with this FULL SERVICE Package.  Justin will pick your car up and wait while Spradley Barr changes the oil and refills all your fluids.  Before returning your vehicle Justin, who wouldn’t trust this guy with their car, will make sure the inside and outside are dirt free.  Additional details may be negotiated at time of sale and some conditions apply.

Spradley Barr                  Justin Boling

Children’s Redwood Picnic Table – $120 value
Hand built 100% redwood child size picnic table. This table would be a great addition to anyone’s patio and it gives the kids a space to eat without creating an eyesore! This table is finished with a stain to keep the water out and is made with galvanized screws that will not rust. All the screws are hidden on the inside of the table thus all you see is the natural wood. Perfect for ages 5- 12 years old.   2 ft H x 4 ft L x 4.25 ft W

Northern Colorado Woodworking
rom northen colorado woodworking

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SNEAK PEEK: Silent Auction Preview (part 2)

Here are a few more of the 70+ items that will be available for purchase this Friday night!
RSVP yourself, friends, and family to our Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction Fundraiser by clicking here.

Enjoy this preview of some of the date night packages that have been donated and remember cash or check only!

BBQ Dinner + Hockey TIX
DATE NIGHT or MAN NIGHT! Take your spouse or a great friend and enjoy an evening of mouth-watering BBQ from Nordy’s BBQ & Grill and an exciting Eagle’s Hockey Game at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland. *Game on April 12, 2014 at 7:05pm

Nordy's BBQ & Grill                  Colorado Eagles

Concert + Overnight

Night OUT!  Two of you can enjoy an evening with two of the most influential singer/songwriters in country music.  TRACY LAWRENCE and JOHN ANDERSON deliver great country songs in an intimate, acoustic setting. PLUS don’t worry about a drive home, stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites overnight and partake in their FREE hot breakfast. *Concert on March 22, 2014 at 730pm

Concert Tickets                    Fairfield Inn & Suites

Keep Your Kitchen Clean Basket
After you’ve washed, dried, and scrubbed your kitchen with these handy products – keep it that way, just a little longer and enjoy these two gift cards for Austin’s American Grill and the Chocolate Café in Old Town Fort Collins.


Austin's American Grill            The Chocolate Cafe

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