We are The Boilng’s…a family of six soon to be seven, on this journey called Life together. We have always wanted a large family (ok I have always wanted a large family and I have convinced my husband that it’s a good idea). Our passion and desire to adopt has just grown and deepened since bringing our son, K, home from Uganda. We want to live out James 1:27 “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.” Our family is not complete, and we are on a prayerful journey to adopt again!

Justin is the Captain of this ship; my amazing husband, best friend, and father to our 3 boys. He is the leader of our household and the anchor that keeps us all grounded. He is a Product Development/Project Manager for a Christian publishing company. Justin is thoughtful and insightful, laid-back and easy going, and incredibly handsome!

Elaina (me) is the First Mate of this operation. I am Type-A to a “T” and keep everyone organized and keep this ship in top shape. I am a Pediatric Nurse and have the pleasure of loving on little ones when they are sick and supporting families through difficult times. My family is my priority and nothing beats a good bedtime routine; stories, prayers, songs and kisses!

H can best be described as a Pirate; he hijacked this ship from the moment he took his first breath. By that I mean he is very strong willed, independent and adventurous, ready to test the boundaries and explore new territory. But don’t be fooled, this tough kiddo can melt your heart with his bright blue eyes, soulful voice, and mad ninja skills.

K is our DeckHand; he is tender, kind and thoughtful.  He is always looking for ways to make other people smile, loves playing with younger children, and thrives on being tickled.  K’s smile is infectious and he lights up any room.  He is the most excited about having a baby sister and reminds us often that he will protect her and even play with “girl” toys with her.  

G is our Stowaway. He is the most observant and spirited little man. He is in awe of his big brothers and desperately tries to keep up with them insisting he’s a “big boy!” G is a cuddle-bug, and has those same bright blue eyes that he uses on all the girls, especially his Nana.

Nana is our ABS “Able-Bodied-Sailor!” Just kidding, she’s our spray on adhesive. Let me explain…Nana is always there when we need her, she’s tough but flexible, easy to work with and always has things under control.  We are beyond blessed to have Nana as part of our crew and would be lost without her. 

Most importantly, God is our Compass. We have to daily lay down our own desires and pick up our Compass and follow His commands and path for our lives. He promises to “never leave us or forsake us” and we are learning to lean on Him and trust Him for our provisions.


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  2. Elaina and Justin,

    What an incredible story! It brought tears to my eyes! To see you (Elaina) as such a bright, beautiful, wonderful mother, wife and person is refreshing and inspiring. I will always remember all of our times together when we were so little ourselves and it makes me laugh when I think about “Petunia” under the porch, making hot tubs out of trash cans (brand new…never been used! Lol!), and sneaking out the back doors when we were supposed to be in bed! You’ve been on my heart a lot lately and I didn’t know why…until now! I pray that you guys will get to bring your beautiful babies home soon and give them a fabulous life filled with so much love and things they would never have dreamed of if you didn’t listen to your hearts. They are so lucky to have you, even if they don’t know they do yet. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart because you were my first friend ever! But you also hold a special place because of the woman you’ve become. I am so proud of you and will continue to pray for you guys in this chapter of your lives. A lot has gone on in my life over the past year and I know that having friends and family support you is the most important thing you can ask for in life. For me, right now, I need my friends more than ever! Keep me updated on your endeavor and I will continue to pray for you all! You can text or call me too. I’m always up for a good catching up conversation and would love to be as close now as we were growing up.

    Love you!

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