“Thank You!” – Ella Jo

Happy Thursday Everyone!

We just wanted to say thank you!!!!! It’s literally the only words our family can find when we think about all of the baby girl items, prayers, and money we have received from so many!

14907229_10210763368622185_4742624357822456517_nQUICK UPDATE:
Ella Jo is home and doing great! She is sleep amazingly, eating well, and yes we forgot how very stinky baby diapers are! Ella has the best entertainment in the world three older brothers. Additionally, these three boys have surprised us and have become the most caring, protective, and loving boys ever! Her very first birthday is this coming Tuesday (11/15)!!!!! So exciting!

Lastly…we are having a Welcome Home party this Sunday, details here, we’d love for you to stop by as you all had a part in this journey. This celebration is just as much a celebration of you and a small way to thank you for your heart in helping us bring Ella home as it is to celebrate our daughter being home. We will have a large African Market set-up during this time with many great Christmas gifts ready for purchase. If you live out of town we will miss you and if you have any questions, or would still like to donate please email us at thebolingproject@gmail.com!

Much Love.
– jb, e, h, k, g, ej, nana


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