The Process

This post will be kinda boring with just a synopsis of the process and journey we are on, but many people have asked questions so we want to try to answer those here.

Ugandan adoptions are intense with tons of paperwork, requirements, appointments and waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting)!

  1. Choose an adoption agency and get approved – ✓
  2. Complete Homestudy (several visits with a social worker and paperwork) ✓
    1. 24 hours of adoption education classes ✓
  3. Complete Dossier (hundreds of legal documents that have to be notarized including birth certificates, marriage certificates, health forms, previous taxes, reference letters, child abuse clearances, employer letters, etc) ✓
  4. Accept Referral (when you see a picture of your child for the first time and you know that God has chosen you to be her forever family)! ✓
  5. USCIS approval (immigration in the US stating that they will allow us to bring a foreign child home) ✓
  6. Fundraising and Grant applications ✓
  7. Travel to Uganda and meet your child ✓
  8. Court with Ugandan Judge (waiting at the court house for 8 hours for a 1 hour court hearing) ✓
    1. verbal guardianship from the Judge (received at court hearing) ✓
    2. written order from the Judge (received 1.5 weeks after court hearing) ✓
    3. written ruling from the Judge (still waiting for this)
  9. Apply for child’s passport ✓
  10. Put child in foster care while paperwork is processed (cry a lot and pray even more) ✓
  11. Embassy in Uganda
    1. Document check to make sure all of our “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” are dotted
  12. Immigration appointment in Uganda (appointment for a medical exam to make sure she is healthy enough to travel)
  13. Embassy in Uganda (again)
    1. Visa interview
  14. Bring that baby home!

We are so fortunate to have an amazing foster family that is taking care of our baby girl.  We get updates and pictures 1-2/week. This waiting part is frustrating and challenging but we feel at peace about the process and that in God’s timing we will bring her home.

*The Ugandan President signed The Children’s Reform Act and it went into effect on June 2, 2016. Part of this law pertains to international adoption and states that prospective parents must live in Uganda for 1 year prior to gaining guardianship of a child.  We do not know how this law is going to affect us or our specific case since we were already in process before the law was signed but we are moving forward in faith that God will see us through to the end.

We covet your prayers, encouragement and support so keep em coming!

Boling Family


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