Time is Money! #dossieryourface

Where to start…this was such a big week!

  1. Shipped our dossier (i’ll explain)
  2. We were blessed by some more donations
  3. Started the two week countdown still we leave for Africa! Woot Woot!

Ok let’s clarify what exactly a dossier is, and no it is not a french pastry or type of dog.

Dossier (dos·si·er): When used in the context of adoption, this term refers to a set of appropriately authenticated and translated legal documents which are used in international adoption cases to process the adoption of a child in its own country by the adoptive parents, or for the adoptive parents to obtain the legal custody or guardianship of the child in the foreign court, so the child can be brought by the adoptive parents to the United States for adoption.

No I didn’t write that, but in short a dossier is a massive set of documents used by the the court system to prove we are real, have the ability to care for a child, and are includes how many freckles we have. Ok so not so much on the last one, but its a big project and it is done!

13239133_10209132764458100_7712640665253467722_nOk one the tiny cool story…that you may have seen on Elaina’s facebook page. Elaina went to the post office to mail this massive document and the same postman was there to help her that help her mail Ki’s…2 YEARS AGO!

“Dossier is in the mail…this package is our lifeline to our baby girl! The same postman shipped Ki’s dossier 2 years ago and he remembered me! Thanks Tony the postman!” – Elaina


This was another big step and we wanted to share the big news with all of you. Thank you for supporting us and encouraging us.

We have 12 days until we leave for Africa!!!!

Please join us in this journey by adopting a square! Click Here to learn how it works or Click here to donate now!


Much Love,


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