2.5 Years and 8 inches later!

This is just us being real, which is hard when something so insurmountable is in front of you. But we are still about $20,000 short of our fundraising goal. This is not one of those radio telethons. Trust me, I’m the first guy to change the channel or switch the station when i hear people ask for money.

Our hope is that you resonate with our story. I know that for me to give my money to something, I consider the below factors.

  • How am I connected to this group or organization?
  • Do I personally connect and believe in the cause?
  • Will my money be used appropriately?

Maybe your list is different, but this is what I know…

  1. This baby girl needs a family, and I have no doubt that God placed her in this world to be a part of our family.
  2. Our hearts want nothing more than to see the life change on her face, and give her a chance to be a kid.

Lastly, the below pictures are of Ki, our middle son, also from Uganda. On the left is the picture we were sent of him on December 26th, 2013, and on the right is a picture of him a couple weeks ago…nearly 2.5 years later. IMG_3226

These pictures speak for themselves! What this image doesn’t show is his height. He grew from 2 ft 10 inches to 3 ft 6 inches in two and a half years. It’s amazing what consistent nutrition, love, and structure can do for a child. We are so blessed to call him our son and we can’t wait to meet our little girl.

Please join us in this journey by adopting a square! Click Here to learn how it works or Click here to donate now!


Much Love,


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